Dijous Gras, Dimecres de Cendra

01.07 — 03.07 / 2022 / 13h 00
Homesession. (Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 15 - BCN)
imatge del zocol de la pared de la sala d'exposicions de Homesession

Dijous Gras, Dimecres de Cendra
01.07.2022 -  03.07.2022
Place: Homesession
Cesc Hernández, Júlia Vives Vàzquez and Mikel Iniesta present us with an atypical carnival in the month of July through the exhibition “Dijous Gras, Dimecres de Cendra”. The brief temporality and maximum intensity that characterize this popular festival of pagan origin will be recontextualised in the artistic framework of Homesession and ArtNou with the aim of perverting a previously constructed social gaze. The innocence of the game, the disguises of the exhibition space, and the parades outside it will be for the artists methodologies capable of questioning what is or is not, what is seen or remains hidden, what we remember or don’t want to remember. However, their mandate has not yet begun and we have to wait, because these are only the words of the carnival king’s town crier.

Under the same playful, but also revindicative and didactic character of the Carnival, this curatorial proposal by Marc Anglès arises within the framework of the collaboration between Homesession, the Grupo de Innovación Docente “Art, Professió i Docència” of the Universitat de Barcelona and the Sala d’Art Jove. A triple alliance that aims to establish a dialogue between the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the professional artistic context.
Artists: Cesc Hernández, Júlia Vives Vàzquez and Mikel Iniesta
Curator: Marc Anglès
03.07.2022 - 13.00h
Guided visit with the artists and the curator.
Lugar: Homesession (Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 15 - BCN).