FER EL GOT! (HAVE A DROP!) Performative vermouth

18.09 / 2022 / 12h 00
ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies
imatge d'una camisa gris on a sobre hi ha les dades de l'activitat.

Oblicuas invites you to have a vermouth on Sunday, September 18th, in the surroundings of the Contemporary Arts Center ACVic. Like any other Sunday, we’ll meet together, along with all those objects that come with (or create) a gathering over drink and food. We will say yes to multi/dysfunctionality, because nothing and everything is what it seems. One thing we are certain of: we’ll meet together, raise our glasses, drink and have a chat — we will have a vermouth!
Oblicuas is a collective that works with/on the hacking of objects. Their practice focuses on re-imagining and re-appropriating the everyday materialities that surround us. The performative vermouth is part of their latest project "Función Rota", a project of artistic investigation which revolves around hacking, and which is currently under development in residence at Sala d’Art Jove 2022, with the mentoring of Anna Moreno.
(+ info about the project "Función Rota")
In "Living a Feminist Life", Sara Ahmed refers to cis–heteronormativity as a form of public commodity that allows certain bodies to expand into previously modelled spaces. She uses this example as a metaphor to explain how the non-cis heterosexual body feels in a world that excludes it. Yet, it is based on a true fact: the objects to which we are connected, and by which we are shaped, embody a set of norms that allow certain lives to expand, and force others to contract, up to the point of being expelled. In our current world of "things" oriented towards the production of certain types of lives and bodies, Oblicuas understands hacking as a tool which may create other narratives, (un)expected relationships, and which may draw up new spaces in which to exist. A formal and/or functional breakage in objects which allows us to rethink, alter and appropriate the given materialities. "Función Rota" is an artistic research project that explores the collective imaginary of mundane hacks, through archiving a series of examples found in films.