LA FILIAL: Atelier en construcció (LA FILIAL: Atelier in construction)

Escola Massana: Montserrat Ayala, Sandra Calvo, Maria Farré, Andreu García, Mireia González, Lina Natterer, Rosa Sánchez, Clàudia Torrents. Tutor: Jordi Canudas
08.03 — 22.04 / 2016 / 00h 00
Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_atelier_2015

Atelier en construcció (Atelier in construction)
The Escola Massana is moving. Its new facilities should be ready in mid-2017. Taking advantage of this juncture, students at the school are temporarily occupying the Sala d'Art Jove: a pilot residency in which they will carry out different public initiatives and consider alternatives in terms of spaces of creation and educational processes.
This is a Sala d'Art Jove programme for collaborative work with schools. Schools, universities and research groups are invited to hold joint initiatives, recognising that both the field of the arts and education are environments that foster experimentation, and that this is further enhanced with collaboration.


Sala d'Art Jove_atelier_2015