Oficina de Turisme

Helena Muñoz. Exhibition of the Art Jove 2016 education project at ACVIC
17.02 — 13.04 / 2017 / 00h 20

Oficina de Turisme (Tourism Bureau)
Helena Muñoz
ACVic Centre of Contemporary Arts, in conjunction with the Sala d’Art Jove of the Government of Catalonia, presents the education project chosen in the Art Jove 2016 call for proposals.

Oficina de Turisme (Tourism Bureau) is an installation that illustrates the working process of the educational mediation projects with youth about the tannery district in Vic. It is overseen by Helena Muñoz in conjunction with Jaume Guinart, Marta Ricart and the Col·lectiu A+. Oficina de Turisme is the last of the working and learning layers in the educational mediation process called “Adoberismes” carried out with the support of the Art Jove 2016 education fellowship promoted by the Sala d'Art Jove of the Government of Catalonia, in conjunction with ACVic Centre of Contemporary Arts.  
Mentoring process: Marta Ricart
The project is presented jointly with A_A_A of the Col·lectiu A+ as part of the cultural mediation projects around the tanneries in Vic.

Sala d’Art Jove presents their 2016 collaborations with the art centres of Catalonia via the SALA D'ART JOVE ONLINE.