Art Jove and La Panera editions, 2015 and 2016: Emma Casadevall, Federico García Trujillo, Claudia Pagès, Aldo Urbano
05.11 / 2016 — 31.01 / 2017 / 11h 30
Centre d'Art la Panera

Edicions d’Art Jove i La Panera 2015 i 2016

Emma Casadevall, Federico García Trujillo, Claudia Pagès, Aldo Urbano. 

Centre d'Art la Panera
Del 05.11.2106 al 31.01.2017
Inauguració 5 de novembre a les 11.30h


Art Jove and La Panera editions, 2015 and 2016: Emma Casadevall, Federico García Trujillo, Claudia Pagès, Aldo Urbano
The artist’s publication as a roll of impressions on plastic, a flip-book, a comic book or a rotary-printed newspaper. The four publications that the Centre d’Art la Panera and the Sala d’Art Jove have co-produced in the recent two years are based on the idea of multiplicity deployed in sequence, inquiring into the possibilities of contemporary publication. The desire to be disseminated, to implode, to intersect with different artistic genres and areas of knowledge, may well justify the fact that serial repetition is a constant in all of these works.
The partnership between the two centres can be explained by a shared experimental mission: editorial support has helped the projects co-produced in the past four years evolve along the byways suggested by the artists. The artist’s publication puts the field of publication into play as well as the very processes and formats related to artistic practices. The publishing sequence may be a form of open code: everything that makes it unpredictable can be found in repetition.
Emma Casadevall
Vallcartografia, 2015.
Vallcartografia explores different cartographic possibilities around Barcelona’s Vallcarca neighbourhood from a critical stance towards the exercise of power implicit in these practices, associating them with a process of urban speculation. Starting with the concept of heterotopia, this work also attempts to map some of the resistances that appear there, applying a macro narrative to a micro context, from what is local to what is global, situating cartography as a force that produces subjectivities.
Federico García Trujillo
Frames Rocío2015.
This is a flip-book made by recovering two minutes of footage eliminated by court ruling on the documentary film Rocío (1978). This film, which focuses on the anthropological roots of the Seville’s April Fair and explores a series of crimes which took place during the Civil War, was the first to be legally seized in Spain after the approval of the 1978 Constitution. The work focuses on the debate about the prolongation of the Franco-era structures within the discussion on the recovery of historical memory.
Claudia Pagès
Throat and Column, 2016.
Throat and Column is a publication and an audio performance in which the written and the oral are switched in a narrative which runs through different spaces of individualisation: medical systems, architectures and communities. Speaking and swallowing. Speaking and pleasure. The voice of the soloist and the choir are separated in an audio performance and in a publication printed on plastic.
Aldo Urbano
Un bosque cuyo incendio se ha extinguido (A forest whose fire has been extinguished), 2016.
This is a comic book with apparently light-hearted drawings which nonetheless tells the story of an artist’s journey through different stages in an internal spiral of irreversible deterioration. In the pages of this publication, which is laden with cynicism and psychedelia, the main character undergoes transformations via his metamorphoses as a swindler, a spy, the perfect employee and a hallucinatory visionary, all with the artistic framework as the backdrop.

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