Sala d'Art Jove

Informative dossier
01.09 / 2017 / 00h 55

Sala d'Art Jove dossier

In this section you can find the informative dossier of Sala d'Art Jove: call for proposals, exhibitions, activities, education and reseach projects, publications, interventions and international exchanges.

For more information about our activities, please contact us:

Tel.: +34 934 838 361


Sala d’Art Jove is a Government of Catalonia programme to promote emerging art which implements a series of experimental processes to interrelate artistic practice, work with youth, art education and cultural mediation. It is based on a network model which articulates different projects with a variety of cultural and educational organisations and institutions, facilitating the dissemination of the work processes in the social milieu.

The project emerged in Barcelona in 2006 through a reconsideration of an exhibition space that had been operating since 1984.