Pablo Lerma. Art Jove 2017 publication project. Mentoring process: Tanit Plana
15.05 / 2017 / 01h 23
La Panera / Sala d'Art Jove

This is a publishing project based on revising, organising and categorising a series of images found fortuitously in a box purchased in a New York flea market using encyclopaedic strategies. The box, in turn, had been purchased in an auction in Greenfield (Massachusetts) and came from an old photography shop. The images, which presumably were never collected by the shop customers, share both subject and era. The project is based on expanding their semantic capacity through the exercise of indexing them.

Greenfield is part of a collaboration between Centre d'Art La Panera and Sala d'Art Jove in 2017..

Project chosen in Publication category within the 2017 Art Jove Call for Proposals, with mentoring by Tanit Plana.