There are no more tickets to the funeral

Marta Echaves. Art Jove 2017 research project. Mentoring process: Teresa Grandes
09.05 / 2017 / 01h 17
Macba / Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_Marta Echaves_2017

There are no more tickets to the funeral

This is a research project whose point of departure is some of the materials that were generated from the exhibition entitled Gelatina Dura (MACBA, 2016), which set out to explore the personal archives of the artist and poet Pepe Sales and the notebooks of the religious man and educator Adrià Trescents. The purpose is to contribute to generating a historical imagination that allows us to reinterpret the 1980s and 1990s against the grainas well as to activate the heroine as an explanatory chronotope of the necropolitical logics of neoliberal democracies. The project also inquiries into the stewardship of private archives and their association with contemporary art institutions.

There are no more tickets to the funeral is part of a collaboration between Macba, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona and Sala d'Art Jove in 2017.

Project chosen in the Reseach category within the 2017 Art Jove Call for Proposals, with mentoring by Teresa Grandes.